You might realize that a dresslooks really good when in the store but when you try it one, it might not be complimenting your body. If so, you have made the mistake of purchasing a dress that is not the perfect fit for your body type. Therefore, it is important that you look into all the right ways of choosing clothes that are best for your body and all the other features. Surely, when you are out shopping, one of the major factors that you should take into consideration is your body shape as it will decide on how well you will look when it comes to wearing the clothes that you purchase.

If you are having doubts, here are some of the most important things that you need to know about choosing the best clothes for your body shape:

Is Your Body Apple Shaped?

If your body is shaped like an apple, you have to make sure that you dress clothes that will not bring in attention to the midsection of your body. Wrap dresses, V neck tops and dresses and A-line dresses will do magic when it comes to complimenting your body. It is always best that you choose tops that will entirely cover your belly. It is best that you avoid bulky tops, and breasted jackets. It is best that you avoid skinny jeans and boot cut pants.

For Pear Shaped Bodies

If your body is of a pear shape, you have to dress in clothes that will highlight your shoulders so that your figure will be balanced. In order to make this happen, you can use necklaces and even pashminas. Choose dresses and tops that will make appear your shoulders to be wider. it is best that you wear dark colours or the bottom and lighter colours for the top.

For a Rectangular Body Shapes

If you are having a rectangular body shape, you should look into creating the curves of your body with the clothes and the accessories that you wear. Always make sure that you focus on the narrow part of the waist that will help bring about a curvy look from your body. That you wear crop tops that end at the at the mid-section of your waist. Make sure that you choose undergarments that will support your body and will add volume to the needed parts of your body.

For Hourglass Bodies

Those who have hourglass bodies should focus on improving the look of their waists. It is best to stay away from clothes that are baggy.