Remember all those Sci-Fi movies that came out, where the futurists always had the most impossible hair colours? Not to mention the impossible tech that went with it too. Well, here’s a word to all the critics and pessimists: the future is HERE! (At least as far as hair colour is concerned). Last year, pastel shades were in demand but they have, no doubt evolved into totally radical and glamorous colours. If you’re looking for a hairstyle that will turn heads, then this is the season you’ve been waiting for.

Acid Colours

Walk in the innovation of the year, acid colours will steal the show. You can finally get to be the fairy-tale fantasy character you adored because now it’s become a reality. With colours ranging from electric blue, hot pink, vivid violet, emerald green and anything neon you can come up with. These colours will suit the wildest teenager as well as the hippy adult. If you’re planning to chillax this weekend, make sure you got the hot hair look of the season. So take that break, save the day and make an appointment at your favourite hair colour salon in Brisbane.

Balayage, Anyone?

Maybe you’re one of these people who feel comfortable in their very own birthday hair colour and have qualms about colouring. Well, never fear, balayage’s here. Unlike strong chemicals, balayage is a method that just lightly touches your hair. It wears off after a few weeks, so either you can go back to your origins or try a new colour all over again.


This year’s red carpet highlighted several stars who chose to highlight their natural coloured hair with highly contrasting highlights! Either you can use dark colour tips to stand out from the rest of the hair or use a lighter colour that will enhance your original tresses. There are really no limits to the hairy combinations you can achieve but be assured, this season; there is nothing more chic and sophisticated than this ultra-contrast look.

Mermaid Hair

Hold on Barbie, here we come. Mermaids have crossed the frontier and entered the real world. That’s the idea behind the shades of vivid coloured hair that partly cover your natural locks. This way, the colours are beautifully accentuated and give a shimmering glaze. Time to go for a swim!


Jet black locks with shades of blue and purple, this mixture of colours gives you the modernist look. Good to go with either black leather or the elegant evening gown. Get this look and you’ll be the talk of the town.

Snow White

On the other hand, giving your hair a complete snow white treatment is sure to make a statement to freeze anyone’s gaze and give you a hairstyle that’s rare and glamorous. Ice queen is what we mean.

Honey Gold Blonde

In case you want something toned down and homely, get the newest type of blonde – honey gold blonde. It’s sure to give you the fresh and comfy country look. No risks involved here.

So talk to your hairdresser for whatever the colour you desire, this season, there’s no need to hold back your hair.