Looking clean and crisp might be important for anyone who has a date coming up or simply someone who has to go to work on a daily basis to maintain their perfect impression on everyone. But amongst the many who already do the said event more often than not, three are common mistakes that get made through that ends up looking as if you are an untidy and dishevelled person, which is a bad impression to create on anyone at all. So, without further ado, let us move on to educating ourselves on the mistakes to avoid;

Do Not Ignore Wrinkles on the Clothes

This is one of the most noticeable mistakes that many people tend to make because they probably run too late on their routine. But it is as big as a mistake to create a very wrong impression on you, be it work or a date with someone interesting. Always pay attention to the state of your clothes before they are worn, plan early and have them steamed or ironed to perfection well before it is time to wear them on.

Don’t Wear Pants That Drag

Pants may be paired up with different types and sizes of heels in different occasions, for which the hem would have to be adjusted in order to prevent them from dragging to collect all the mess from the floor while also adding to looking messy and untidy. One way that this can be prevented is by dedicating a few pairs of shoes that would not require the hem to be redone over and over again. This way you would not face any issues of going home with something stuck on your pants from the beginning of the day. Shop at cartel & willow stockist for perfect pairs of pants for any occasion.

It’s Either Nail Polish or None At All

If you have nails that have been well painted from after or manicure or so, it is assured to look great. But if it has been a couple of day afterwards when your nail polish starts to chip, make sure to remove them all along if you have no idea on getting them redone. Chipped nail polish adds to the untidy mess as well, which is why it is better to have clean nails without nail polish instead of leaving them with the ugly chipped splotches of paint.

Hair Ties Are Not Bracelets

Many people these days ignore the fact that they run out with hair ties on their wrists as if they were bracelets, which looks ugly. Always check your wrists to see if you have your watch and a piece of jewellery if needed and remove any hair ties that you might have on and put it in your handbag instead. What’s worse is that if you have a hair strand stuck on your hair tie while it’s on your wrist when you go off to a date or an interview, Yuck!

Well, there you go, those given above are some of the many mistakes made in an intention to look crisp. So, avoiding them is the way to go, Good Luck!