Being a curvy fashionista is a lot easier nowadays. There are already plenty of stylish outfits made especially for plus size ladies out there. Most of them are designed to flatter a curvy figure and even enhance it. To begin with, here are the wardrobe essentials for full figured ladies.

Dress Shirts

These are perfect to-go pieces for any occasion. Choose neutral colours, especially white, to mix and match easily with your other garments. If you’re going to office, you can wear it under a blazer for a professional look. For a night out with friends, try unbuttoning it a bit and match it with your favourite accessories for a sexier look.

Dress for Special Occasions

Every girl has her own favourite dress to wear on special occasions. Take into consideration your body shape (apple, pear, rectangular and hourglass shape) before choosing a cocktail dress. There are specific dress styles that are flattering for certain body shapes but look awkward on others. Never choose one based on fads as they are passing and gets easily out of style. Pick one that looks classic yet elegant at the same time.

Dark Jeans/Bottoms

Almost every gal would swear to the instant slimming effect by dark coloured pants. Plain ones are better since they make your legs look sleeker and longer. Worried about flabby legs? You can try wearing plus size tights under your pants to make legs look more contoured and toned.


For full figured ladies, the best skirt styles are the A-line and pencil cut skirt. These two balances the silhouette of any curvy gal, depending on their body shape. A-line skirts are best for women with pear shape as it creates an hourglass figure. Pencil cut skirts are for women who have an apple shape body since it makes the tummy less emphasized.


Having a two-piece suit at hand makes you ready for any occasion. Today, suits can already be worn casually. Just pick a neutral colour such as black or grey and discover the endless possibilities of ways it can be worn.


Choose tunic tops that fall just on the waist for an attractive style. For curvy fashionistas, tunic blouses that have designs or embellishments on the neckline are the best pick since it draws attention to your face.

Ruffled Clothing

Way back, you may think that ruffles will only make you look bigger. Well, it’s not true all the time. Having ruffles at strategic places actually help in accentuating certain parts. For curvy gals, choose garments that have ruffled skirt hem, cuffs and sleeves.


Embracing your natural curves is great but who wouldn’t want to look better given the chance? Shapewears are every woman’s best wardrobe pal. Not only they make your body fit better in your favourite outfit, they also give you confidence boost in all occasions. Wearing a shapewear gives you a more defined silhouette and aids your posture so you can have that overall stunning aura.

Dressing up every day is never a battle when you have these wardrobe essentials. Keep in mind that no matter what your size is, so be confident and let your true beauty shine from within.