Carefree, stylish and effortless: this is definitely a look all women yearn for. From flowy silhouettes to lace textures and nature inspired prints, this one-stop guide compiles a list of essentials for you to have that feminine, contemporary boho look in no time!

A Maxi Skirt/Dress

These make up the foundation of a breezy, chic outfit. You’ll want to lean towards more solid, warmer colors or printed material so you can essentially build on this and add more layers, patterns or colors to your outfit through your add-ons. Skirts with less poof and more flowing in nature are preferred so as to highlight your figure. You can simply never go wrong with a maxi skirt or dress so this is a must have for your wardrobe.

Flared Jeans

Yes, bell-bottom jeans are making a comeback- provided you know how to pair them right. Go for a high-waist fit and make sure to rock these with a pair of heels to give your outfit some much-needed balance. You can either style them with a tucked in basic tee for a retro look or go for a crop top that shows a little skin if you’re up for it. Either way, you will definitely be a winner with both these combinations.

Fringed Details

Accentuate your outfit with some fringe details. This can take the form of dangle earrings or tasseled tops, giving you some additional minute details that give your outfit a more care-free look to it. Many also buy boho wallets in Australia for that added fringe detail. These products offer a fair amount of variety and make for a perfect accessory during festival season.

Bell-Sleeved Tops

Yet another fashion trend from the 70s that made a huge comeback. Women around the world are gushing at how the flared fabric at the wrists makes for an ethereal and sophisticated outfit. An additional perk is that this also balances out your upper arms, making them look comparatively slimmer.

Mixed Prints

A care-free style represents a care-free attitude. This is one for the artists, the dreamers and the curious minded folks. Take on mixed prints in your outfits and show your love for art by playing with unique patterns, prints and bold colors to make a fashion statement that is ultimately only your own. The most effortless and care-free look you will ever come by is one that you have found to resonate with completely so find out what makes you most comfortable and makes you glow!

Lace Textures

Lace outfits are known to be one of the most complex fabrics to date. This type of clothing can be elegant and classy. But you can also stylishly dress it down and make it more casual with a pair of denims for a more boho-inspired look.

These are just a few effective essentials to maintaining a carefree look. Follow this simple guide to keep up with a contemporary boho style that will have you turning heads this season.